Meyer/Stemmle GmbH & Co. KG
Auf dem Hahnenberg 22
56218 Mülheim-Kärlich
Tel. 02630 / 505-0
Fax 02630 / 505-20

Sales office Heilbronn
Wannenäckerstraße 34
74078 Heilbronn
Tel. 07131 1506-0
Fax 07131 1506-28



Customer structure:

Customers from the bakery and butcher industry, from trade and industry in Germany and other European countries

Product range:

Service packaging made of paper and films (folding paper bags, carrier bags, window bags, poly bags, wrapping paper, etc.)

Production volume:

Production of 2 billion folding paper bags per year, among others

Environmental protection:

The folding paper bags are made from pure oxygen-bleached or unbleached paper. We receive the raw materials we use from exemplary manufacturing companies. They plant the renewable raw materials in an ecologically sensible cultivation cycle (certified according to EMAS / FSC®).
Meyer/Stemmle is the first packager in the bakery industry to offer CO2 neutral packaging in cooperation with Climateline since 2009.


Three awards for outstanding print quality with the Fedes Star, the Cyrel Fast Prize Europe and the international Cyrel Fast Prize.