The Kunert gift bag pictured above is called internally a “Kelly Bag” because it has a similar shape to the infamous Grace Kelly bag. The premium print, magnet closure and ribbon embellishment make the bag look elegant.

The triangular bag “Heartbeat” has a magnet closure and satin ribbon handle.

The exclusive laminated window pouches have a velcro closure and black ribbon and are ideal as gift packaging.

Whichever design you choose, Meyer/Stemmle will add style to your product and brand. Our bespoke carrier bag designs give you everything you need to provide your brand with premium printed packaging that customers desire. Meyer/Stemmle tailors the bag to suit your needs using art paper, special pearlescent paper, Kraft paper, brown ribbed paper and FSC paper.

Choose luxury satin ribbon or twisted paper handle bags, cotton cord or punch out handle bags and many more. Our luxury bags are available in many sizes between 6 – 90 cm. Our offset print process will customise your products with the perfect print finish inside and out. We can customize your bags with special closures such magnet, metal eyelet and velcro fastenings. A cardboard reinforcement base adds stability especially on large size bag specifications.

Bespoke solutions offer a choice which is endless!